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Meeting(1)-Speaking about my meetings

Work with a partner to complete the table.

Ask your partner, and write down their information.

After, you will report back to the class.

KenYouYour partner
TyoeProject progress updatesOrientationTeam meetings
AimTo give team members updates on what we have produced, and to get feedback on our workAlign on roles and responsibilitiesAlign across the team and keep everyone updated
FrequencyOnce a weekOnce a month before the orientation sessionWeekly
ParticipantsTeam leader and team members(4 in total)6 members from Organising TeamTeam/5 members
Formal/InformalFormal. The meeting is scheduled, and an agenda is drawn up.Informal, giving casual feedbackFormal, regularly scheduled
My own roleTo show the work I have produced for the project, to receive feedback on it, and to provide feedback on other’s work.To coordinate among the team and provide feedback on their rolesTo share updates with the team on progress and get input
meeting table
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